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The Male Prayer Hall can accommodate up to 3,500 worshippers.  The total area of this hall is 60,000 sq. ft. and is fully centrally air-conditioned.  The Mihrab points to the direction of Mecca (Saudia Arabia).  This Mihrab is finely decorated with 24-carat gold plated tiles and black marble stones.  Next to the Mihrab is called the "Mimbar". The Mimbar is the place for Khatib (Preacher) to deliver sermon.  This is a raised and cantilevered platform made from marble with Narra wood railings.

Inside the Male Prayer Hall there is a large and the most impressive dome which is inscribed with 24-carat gold leaf Quranic calligraphy on the interior surface. This calligraphy inspires the beauty and elegance of the dome. There are 48 small window arches forming the apex of the dome. The internal diameter of the dome measures 114 ft., and the finely decorated ceiling was specially fabricated in Malaysia.  Supporting the dome are Italianate white marble columns imported from Italy. 

Forming the centerpiece of the Prayer Hall is a large and beautiful chandelier suspended below the decorated dome. The chandelier finished with 24-carat gold plate and the finest quality crystal glass is from Austria. In addition there are medium and small chandeliers situated around the dome. These chandeliers enhance the beauty of the interior and charm and elegance of the hall

The Male Prayer Hall is equipped with video cameras and Public Address (P.A.) systems. Acoustic sound systems have been installed in the Mosque.  These sound systems are operated by a computer control system, which controls all appliances in the mosque.

To the right of the Mihrab there is a display of a big handwritten version of the Holy Quran. This version of the Holy Quran is approximately 200 years of age. This was donated by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah.

To the left side of the Mihrab there is another version of the Holy Quran belonged to His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. This Quran is to be kept inside the mosque.


  The Female Prayer Hall is located on the first floor level. It has itís own access route that leads up from the main entrance.  The Female Prayer Hall can accommodate up to one thousand worshippers.  Inside of this hall is a large and beautiful dome supported by grand columns. The surrounding area has been tastefully decorated with marble and granites. The centerpiece of the dome there is a large and beautiful chandelier suspended from the center of the dome. Between the columns there are medium size chandeliers round the dome.

  There are no Mihrab and Mimbar as seen in the Male Prayer Hall.  In this hall there are four television sets which are used only during Friday prayers.  The television sets are for the females to listen to the sermon and to see the Khatib (preacher) while delivering the sermon

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